Illustration generated on DALL-E with caption : "A woman surgeon and a man surgeon operating together a complex surgery on a patient"

How gender diverse is Global Surgery ?

A paper just published in the British Journal of Surgery (Oxford) sourced innovative data from Dimensions AI, a large linked scientific publications dataset, and NamSor, our name gender classification tool, to explore the current state of gender diversity in global surgery – based on the top 1000 most published researchers.

Kazakh names of Kazakhstan

We’ve used a non-supervised clustering algorithm to identify Russian (Ivanov, Popov), Korean (Kim, Pak) and other names in Kazakhstan and differentiate them from Kakakh names (AZAMAT ABDRAKHMANOV, ERLAN AHMETOV, AIGUL ABDRAKHMANOVA / AYGUL ABDRAKHMANOVA …)

Minority Businesses Matter: Europe

What’s in a name? Artificial intelligence was used to classify the personal names of entrepreneurs and beneficial owners of companies in eight European countries and derive unique insights into the Contribution and Challenges of Ethnic Minority Businesses in Europe.

Popular names of Liberia, West-Africa

In the early 19th century, the Americo-Liberian settlers encountered ethnically, linguistically diverse tribal populations. Even today, names reflect the diversity of populations in Liberia. Some names appear very similar to names of Afrlcan-Americans. Some other names reflect indigenous cultures.