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Namsor and Mixity join forces to measure diversity within organizations in France

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Mixity has partnered with Namsor to enable organizations to measure the perceived ethnic diversity of their employees using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This makes it possible to identify and resolve inequalities linked to cultural and ethnic origins. According to French statistical office (INSEE), these inequalities are manifested by higher unemployment rates, less durable and qualified jobs and lower remuneration for immigrant populations.

Namsor, a French company, has developed a tool that uses AI to determine perceived ethnic origin from first and last names. Enriched by more than 8 billion surnames and first names, the tool uses the morphology of surnames and first names to determine their probable origin.

Elian Carsenat, Founder and CEO of Namsor, explained that ethnic measurement is important for French companies, as AI algorithms are increasingly used in recruitment processes. However, the absence of sensitive data, such as gender or perceived origin, in human resources (HR) systems does not guarantee the neutrality of these algorithms.

The partnership between Namsor and Mixity provides diversity, equity and inclusion managers with a clearer view of the diversity of employee backgrounds. It is integrated into the Mixity Diag diagnostic, allowing organizations to benefit from a steering indicator to identify the probable ethnic distribution of their workforce.

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