Le concours externe des IRA : une réussite différenciée selon l’âge, le sexe, le niveau de diplôme et l’origine supposée des candidats 8 NOVEMBRE 2022 AUTRES PUBLICATIONS ÉMILIE ARNOULT PIERRE VILLEDIEU MARIE PREVOT (DGAFP)

New study on discrimination in French public sector

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As France doesn’t collect ethnic statistics, organizations in the public and private sector need to work around the lack of data to analyze potential discriminations.

DARES, the directorate of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration which produces analyses, studies and statistics on the themes of work, employment, vocational training and social dialogue has used NamSor to prepare a study on competitive exams in the public sector (article in French).

DARES missions : to shed light on economic and social debate and to participate in the design and implementation of public policies.

  • it collects data and compiles statistics on issues relating to work, employment, vocational training and social dialogue, using administrative management sources or surveys recognized as being of public utility;
  • it carries out and publishes analyses, prospective studies and evaluation work to provide a better understanding of the labor market and its developments;
  • it leads research by launching calls for research projects, by supporting the network of “studies, evaluation and statistics” services of the Direccte (Regional directorates for business, trade, consumption, labor and employment), by contributing its expertise to several European and international bodies;
  • it supports the Minister of Labor in the development of public policies. The work produced within this framework is not systematically made available to the public.

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