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New scientific paper using/citing NamSor

Do women undertake interdisciplinary research more than men, and do self-citations bias observed differences? A paper published in Quantitative Science Studies (2022), authored by Henrique Pinheiro, Matt Durning, David Campbell. 2022 has seen the number of scientific articles using or citing NamSor nearly double. Announcement : new blog in Spanish language.

Gender Imbalance in Mathematics Citations Do female mathematicians get cited less than men? Undergraduate project by Katharina Limbeck supervised by Janine Illian

Do female mathematicians get cited less than men?

The gender gap in STEM subjects has been widely studied and it is a known fact that women are under-represented in mathematics, especially in the most reputable mathematics journals. One aspect of this gender gap, which has not yet been analysed specifically for mathematics is gender imbalance in papers’ reference lists.