What’s the Gender Gap at #VivaTech 2017?

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VivaTech has made a genuine effort to open the speaking floor to women in tech. 35% of ~581 speakers at VivaTech 2017 were women, when the overall tech industry average is closer to 10%. That’s even better than last year edition, which already boasted a 25% women ratio.

Now, anyone can help dis-aggregate gender data, simply by inferring gender accurately from personal names. Any database with names can be genderized. Feel free to try our Free Gender API (no registration required) or our Freemium API (with cool additional features). Please use the #VivaTechGaps to comment or share on Twitter.

And if you enjoy doing this important work, you could win a 100,000$ or a 50,000$ prize in the Big Data for Gender Challenge. Don’t wait, submissions are due by 7th of July!

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