VivaTech, the intl. startup event Paris needs?

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VivaTech 2017 kicks-off tonight at Paris City Hall, with “50000 participants, 5000 startup, 300 speakers”. Last year edition was very French and Male :

To attract more Women in Power and Women in Tech, VivaTech has partnered with the Women’s Forum :

And this year edition will bring over to Paris international startups, VCs and business angels through a well thought #VivaTech ambassador’s program :

There are many complex dimensions to diversity. How many speakers are from Latin America, Middle-East, Asia or Africa ? How many Women speak ‘as a Women in Tech’ or as a speaker prominent in their field regardless of gender ? We’re not sure we’ll have time to explore all these questions ourselves, but we invite all willing tech people thttps://gender-guesser.como do just that. Feel free to try our Free Gender API. Please use the #VivaTechGaps to comment or share on Twitter.

And if you enjoy doing this important work, you could win a 100,000$ or a 50,000$ prize in the UN Data2X Big Data for Gender Challenge. Don’t wait, submissions are due by 7th of July!

Welcome to all VivaTech participants ! Enjoy this 2017 edition, more diverse and international than ever before.

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