What's the gender gap among economitst?

What’s the gender gap among economists?

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The Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund is a woman, Ms Gita Gopinath (image credits : @gitagopinath). So is the president of the European Central Bank, Ms. Christine Lagarde. But, besides these prominent ambassadors, are women well represented in economic science globally?

Since 2018, NamSor has been used append gender to authors in RePEC (Research Papers in Economics). RePEC is a database of scientific papers, a collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers in many countries to enhance the dissemination of research in economics.

Who are the authors registered with RePEc? As of this blog post goes to press, 25.8% are female.

Snapshot of RePEC page 'Female Representation in Economic, as of February 2021'

The integration between RePEC database and NamSor API is fully automated, based on authors names. Authors in RePEC have the possibility to override and correct any inaccurately inferred information or opt-out altogether. The resulting data is then made available via RePEC API to support many other important studies on the place of women in economic research.

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