A gender add-on for PowerBI

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We’ve added PowerBI as a new addition to the Gender Gap Grader toolkit.

Power BI Desktop is a free, stand-alone application from Microsoft. It has rich, easy-to-use analytic capabilities and makes it painless to bring in data from a variety of sources.

With our open source connector, any PowerBI table that has personal names can be enriched with gender information or other diversity analytics (country of origin / ethnicity …)

For example, we looked at the participants to the ACG Global InterGrowth (intergrowth.org) conference and produced infographics of the Gender Gap in M&A.


PowerBI is supported by a large community of freelancers on Fiverr : now any professional conference or organisation can have a gender dashboard, beautifully made at a competitive price.

Oh BTW, We’re looking for beta testers!

About NamSor

NamSor™ Applied Onomastics is a European vendor of sociolinguistics software (NamSor sorts names). NamSor mission is to help understand international flows of money, ideas and people. We proudly support Gender Gap Grader.
Reach us at: contact@namsor.com

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