Diaspora investing for sustainability?

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Picture credits: UNCTAD.

The UNCTAD World Investment Forum is taking place in Nairobi, Kenya – gathering about 6000 trade and investment professionals from both private and public sectors.

For many countries, diaspora and expatriate networks are essential. This is not just the case for developing countries. Did you know that France, for example, is a top-5 recipient of remittances (with India, China, Philippines, Mexico) ? France receives more money transfers from its expatriates and migrants, than its total outflow of remittances plus its international aid for Africa together. Remittances have become as essential to the French State budget as they are for many countries of the South.

However, for developing countries, the diaspora is not just essential but often vital: remittances fuel consumption, but also contribute to education and health. What about productive investments and funding for infrastructure projects ? What about startups financing ?

We’ve asked #WIF2016 #UNCTAD14 participants on Twitter their view on how best  diasporas could invest in their home country to contribute to sustainable development goals (SDGs). Those are the results:


Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) comes first.

How easy is it for a country to attract Foreign Direct Investment from (or via) its diaspora? Well, it’s not easy.

But we’ve thought it through and made it easier for Investment Promotion Agencies to reach out to their diaspora and expatriate networks.We use the ‘big data’ to map international business networks and we design targeted approach to diaspora engagement (by geography, by sector), combining real world events and digital communication.

Please, inquire if you think this could useful for your country, your region or your city.

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