Popular names of Delhi, Incredible India

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Incredible India is the name of successful place marketing initiative launched in 2002 by the Indian Government using the incredible diversity of India in terms of colors, landscapes, people, languages etc. to promote tourism in India. Because of this same diversity, Indian onomastics are a tough nut to crack. At NamSor, we’ve opened a free API to predict the gender of personal names according to the various languages and cultures (Andrea Rossini is male, Andrea Parker is female, Jean Durieux is …). We aim for 95 to 99% accuracy and 95 to 99% recall, in every country where possible.

This work is important. The status of women in India is a very current issue. At NamSor, we believe in the value of open data mining initiatives -such as Gender Gap Grader– to advance the empowerment of women worldwide. So we work hard to understand how names vary in different states of India, different regions. For example, below are the most frequent male/female names in Delhi.

Most popular female and male names in Delhi, India

Name Female Male Likely Gender Total Pct
Sunita 51526 82 Female 51614 0.5%
Poonam 33524 79 Female 33603 0.3%
Raj Kumar 127 33313 Male 33440 0.3%
Anita 32816 45 Female 32861 0.3%
Ashok Kumar 29 29747 Male 29776 0.3%
Manoj Kumar 35 29197 Male 29232 0.3%
Anil Kumar 32 28943 Male 28975 0.3%
GEETA 28547 30 Female 28577 0.3%
Sunil Kumar 27 27438 Male 27465 0.3%
Santosh 22557 4465 Both 27022 0.3%

About NamSor

NamSor™ Applied Onomastics is a European designer of name recognition software. NamSor is committed to promote diversity and equal opportunity. NamSor launched GendRE API, a free API to extract gender from personal names. We support the @GenderGapGrader initiative. http://namsor.com

About GenderGapGrader

GenderGapGrader’s mission is to publish gender gap estimates at the finest grain level, using whatever reference database we can identify for a particular industry: The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) for the film industry, “The Airman Database” for pilots… and more to come. http://gendergapgrader.com


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