An API to measure the Gender Gap accross all professional fields

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NamSor API was presented yesterday at the amazing Paris conference. The Gender Gap Grader project will be featured as a Keynote at the next APIDays conference in May.

Download presentation : APIDays-slides.pdf

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About NamSor

NamSor™ Applied Onomastics is a European designer of name recognition software. NamSor is committed to promote diversity and equal opportunity. NamSor launched GendRE API, a free API to extract gender from personal names. We support the @GenderGapGrader initiative.

About GenderGapGrader

GenderGapGrader’s mission is to publish gender gap estimates at the finest grain level, using whatever reference database we can identify for a particular industry: The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) for the film industry, “The Airman Database” for pilots… and more to come.

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