OECD Forum Gender Gap

Gender Gap and Ethnic Diversity at the OECD Forum

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We’ve heard a lot yesterday at the OECD Forum about inclusiveness: the necessity of making our societies more inclusive, the economic value of ethnic diversity, the challenge of reducing the gender gap. Inspiring thought leadership! Exactly how inclusive is the OECD Forum itself? From my own experience, I can tell it’s a rather open event. However it’s not exempt from biases, coming from the society itself: the graphs below present a few statistics we’ve prepared from the OECD Forum 2013, inferring gender gap and diversity metrics from participants name (applied onomastics).

OECD Forum Gender Gap

OECD Forum Diversity
At NamSor, we believe that bridging the gender gap -for example- requires everyone’s commitment and that Open Data and transparency can play a significant role. We offer a free API to women and men of the world who would like to conduct their own gender gap analysis. We’ve prepared a first example of such analysis, mining the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and recognizing the gender of hundreds of thousands of film industry professionals. We’ve demonstrated that women account for only 22% of movie makers worldwide. Isn’t such an influent cultural industry likely to reproduce gender clichés from one generation to the next?

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Download the dataset here (PDF and Excel format): OECD_FORUM_2014_PARTICIPANTS.zip