200€ Design Challenge for GendRE Android Gender App

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Hey ! We’re launching a 10-day Design Challenge to create drawings the Open Source GendRE Gengerizer App, with 150€ for the best pro design (selected and ranked using DesignCrowd)  and 50€ for the best student/independant design (selected and ranked according to retweets/blog survey/a-b testing).

We’ll A/B test both designs (pro vs. student) by running two distinct versions of the software.

Licensing : by submitting your design, you accept that the images will be contributed irrevocably to the GendreApp project under GNU GPL2 License and stored on GitHub. Please submit your designs by email, tweet @GendreApp or facebook (notify by email in any case).

Read the design brief on DesignCrowd


Gendre is an open source mobile application running as a service to enrich Android contact titles (♀, ♂ or Mr., Ms., M.) with gender inferred from the contact name. Once completed, the app shows basic statistics (number of boys/men, girls/women).

We don’t have any information about the user’s culture or sexual preferences, but we’ll ask the user’s gender 201404_GendreApp_pic3(woman, man, won’t say) in order to display relevant graphics.

We need 7 = (2 x 3)+1 humoristic drawings. One (out of six) to display once the ratio of men/women has been calculated:

– case 1 number of men ~= number of women: in that case we’d like to convey a sense of equilibrium (scale? yin/yang? bridged gender gap?) and optimal relationships between the men and women in the user’s social network.

– case 2 number of men larger than number of women
anything funny
– case 3 number of men lower than number of women
anything funny

We need those three drawings for a male user and for a female user (however, if you have an idea that could fit both, feel free to suggest).

We need an additional teaser drawing displayed before, or while the genderizing process is in progress, some sort of intriguing question mark.

You can include your signature in the drawings.

The app beta version (for Android) is technically ready and can be previewed at

An IPhone version will come later this summer.

We target 100k-1M downloads and a cool design is key to achieve this objective.

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