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Gender Equality in French Politics

Women fill 26.17% of the seats at the French National Assembly (‘L’Assemblée Nationale’), according to the count of ‘M.’ and ‘Mme’ at
That’s double the figure of ten years ago (2002: 10.9%), good job ladies!

If that list did not indicate M. and Mme, could we still recognize the gender from the politician name? NamSor has published a simple API for Gender Studies which would give the following result: 26.31% (more that 99% accurate compared to the actual figure).

What about the Corporate World?

Playing with old data from a previous life in the corporate world (which cannot be disclosed), applied onomastics tell us that among ~4000 top company executives with a median base salary of 230,000 $ (USD), men landed a neat 890 million $ while women got 143 million $ in total. This huge gap is the result of less women having a top job and men earning ~20% more on average for the same job.


Currently, the  Gendre API is in Beta Version and free to use.

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You can download the sample program GenderEquality.java.zip

Detailed input/output

https://namsor-gendre.p.mashape.com/gendre/Damien/Abad/fr returned -0.9979281991518565
https://namsor-gendre.p.mashape.com/gendre/Laurence/Abeille/fr returned 0.9984725610426144
https://namsor-gendre.p.mashape.com/gendre/Ibrahim/Aboubacar/fr returned -1.0
https://namsor-gendre.p.mashape.com/gendre/Élie/Aboud/fr returned -0.9749559773038545
https://namsor-gendre.p.mashape.com/gendre/Bernard/Accoyer/fr returned -0.9996548690100067
https://namsor-gendre.p.mashape.com/gendre/Patricia/Adam/fr returned 0.9997681752981121
[…] namsor_api_calls.zip

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