Announcing NamSor™ for Life Sciences

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Life Sciences is a key sector for countries to create organic growth, as well as to attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs). It is a sector of constant innovation: public institutions and private companies need access to local and international talents to thrive and remain competitive.

Having an accurate picture of a country’s local talent is critical to make strong local industries stronger (in BioTech, MedTech, Pharma, AgroTech, Industrial BioTech, …)

Talent in Life Sciences is global: the key people who can help design new products, make scientific or technical breakthroughs are mobile: they may be in the US, Switzerland, Denmark or somewhere else. How do you access international talent? Your best ambassadors to attract world class scientists are the people who are already working in your company or your country today.

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About NamSor

NamSor™ Applied Onomastics is a European vendor of Name Recognition Software (NamSor sorts names). NamSor mission is to help understand international flows of money, ideas and people.

NamSor launched FDIMagnet,  a consulting offering to help Investment Promotion Agencies and High-Tech Clusters leverage a Diaspora to connect with business and scientific communities abroad.

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