1. Hi,
    That’s a fantastic list you’ve compiled of Twitter handles related to FDI. It would be great if could include us. We’re very active on Twitter. We’re @MakeITinIreland and we concentrate on attracting tech and multi-lingual talent to Ireland. We work with many of the world’s largest tech companies.

    Thanks for providing an excellent resource.

    1. Dear John, thank you for your kind comment:-) We’ve included @IDAIreland (and related accounts) in the list of gov Investment Promotion Agencies active on Twitter. We’ve added @Makeitinireland in the list HighTech-Magnet, listing organizations promoting the attractivity in the HighTech sector (talents, innovation, etc.). @FDIMagnet now follows @Makeitinireland and I look forward to fruitful interactions on Twitter. Best, Elian