NamSor joins #D4I Data Challenge on Integration of Migrants in Cities

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NamSor was accepted to participate to the European Commission Data Challenge on Integration of Migrants in Cities (D4I).

The aim of the D4I is to stimulate research on various aspects of the integration of migrants at local level. This initiative will make available data at high spatial resolution derived from the 2011 Census which shows the concentration of migrants in cities of 8 EU Member States. The high spatial resolution of the derived data allows to examine patterns of concentration of migrants’ communities in specific neighborhoods and to perform comparisons across different origins, cities of different sizes and EU countries.

Abstract : NamSor API classifies personal names accurately by gender, country of origin, or ethnicity. We propose source open residential lists (for example, the white pages or voters list) in a major city (of Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, UK or Ireland) and classify them using NamSor Origin. We propose to correlate the name classes with the provided micro-census demographics (migrants by country of origin). We propose to identify methods to redress some of the largest biases, with a machine learning model. The resulting model model can then be applied to analyse urban segregation in a city where the micro-census data is not available (for example: France), or to measure specific segregation concerns (for example: equal access to quality education).

Can the Smart City of future be smart AND inclusive? This is a key question we are willing to contribute to since our inception, back in 2013.

For this D4I project, we will leverage our experience in geo-demographics. For example, NamSor was used to map the ethnic communities of the City of Boston in GIS ESRI to better measure urban segregation and to ensure all communities would have equal access to a critical public resource : early voting booths for the US Presidential Elections. NamSor was also used, for example, to create a mapping of the Tunisian diaspora in Europe, for economic development.

What’s new : this D4I project will also benefit from our new product line NamSorML – adding state-of-the-art deep leaning capabilities to our historical product, NamSorCore : NamSor Origin and NamSor Diaspora.

About NamSor

NamSor™ Applied Onomastics is a European vendor of sociolinguistics software (NamSor sorts names). NamSor mission is to help understand international flows of money, ideas and people. NamSor participates to ESRI Startup Program for GEOINT.
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