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After VivaTech, Paris hosts an other world-class international event : the Paris Airshow, known as “Le Salon du Bourget” or just “Le Bourget”.

There are not many countries in the World that really have the capability to attract large aerospace companies for manufacturing, research and development. Many investment decisions by companies are driven by trade considerations, in the form of offsets. Yet, the aerospace industry is competitive, mobile by definition and fragmented with scores of high tech suppliers. So the potential for countries and regions to attract such companies and create qualified jobs, are the reason so many investment promotion agencies make the trip to Paris for the occasion.

Global networks in aeronautics span across continents and countries. For example, at #PAS17, there are about a hundred exhibitors from Italy – a country that has a tradition in aeronautics. There are as many Italians expats or diaspora coming from elsewhere (the United States, France, Germany, …) Those global networks in trade, industry or even academia represent a huge potential to help identify Foreign Direct Investment leads and deals. GlobalWelsh, GlobalScot, Global Lithuania Leaders (GLL), ConnectIreland, DiploCat, RacinesSud, La FrenchTech … are just some of those organized business networks that can help a country reach out to the World in a highly efficient and economical way.

At NamSor, we’re specialized in helping such international networks grow and thrive in a targeted way. With FDI Magnet, we’ve already helped several countries move towards their real potential and create hundreds of jobs.

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