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Richard Bruton, Ireland ‎Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, is in Paris today to meet with Emmanuel Macron, France Minister for Economy, Industry and Digital to discuss the jobs market.

In today’s French Newspaper LeMonde.fr, you’ll find two articles discussing Ireland’s restored growth, the first one co-written by NamSor inventor Elian Carsenat,

No doubt, Mr Macron will be curious of Ireland’s success in attracting so many US corporates and startups to Dublin, as well as so many talents (including from France). It’s not just the fundamentals : networking with the Irish Diaspora abroad and with foreigners in Ireland play a critical part. Digital networking (using LinkedIn, Twitter and the likes) is also taken seriously. You’ll find Ireland’s freshly released Diaspora strategy document below.

Global Irish: Ireland’s Diaspora Policy is available online in English and Irish. Global Irish is the first clear statement of Government policy on the diaspora.  It defines the Government’s role to both drive and foster diaspora engagement and sets out a number of actions to achieve our vision of a vibrant, diverse global Irish community, connected to Ireland and to each other. You may also wish to have a look at the new Global Irish website

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The #FrenchTech is at its best at #SXSW

StartupBRICS, the blog tank of innovation in the emerging market, gave a talk in Austin on their amazing experience #TECHAfrique, Innovation & Startup Tour in Africa and announced live on SXSW Interactive stage the launch of diasruption.co

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