Digital Society Forum – new technologies for connected migrants

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Last March 26th in Paris, we joined the fourth Digital Society Forum with Stéphane Richard, CEO of French Telecom company Orange, Christine Albanel (Orange), Marie-Noëlle Jego-Laveissière (Orange), Dana Diminescu (Télécom Paritech, Director of « Migrations ICT » at FMSH Paris), Henri Dudzinski (Journalist), Catherine Grandsard (Centre Georges Devereux), Baki Youssoufou (WeSignIt) and Michel Fortin (NamSor).

NamSor offers solutions to help countries reconnect with their Diaspora and engage the Diaspora for economic development (remittances -also known as ‘Western Union’ money transfers-, FDIs, cooperation in Scientific and Education development, …)

(video in French)

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