Turkish Onomastics and Migration Patterns

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Next week at Regent’s University Turkish Migration Conference (TMC2014, London), Elian Carsenat will present breakthrough data mining technology to apply onomastics (the recognition of personal names) to the discovery of new migration patterns.


As states struggle to provide timely and accurate data to international organizations (such as the OECD, IOM, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR, …), these organizations can turn to the Big Data to identify and monitor new trends. What can Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, D&B, Thomson WoS … tell us about the changing migration patterns of highly educated professionals, entrepreneurs? We’ll present how applied onomastics and the Big Data can be a game changer in migration studies, with vast implications on how countries or even regions can engage their Diaspora (to attract FDI, remittances, to build networks of expertise, …)

We look forward to see you at Regent’s University Turkish Migration Conference (TMC2014, London). Full program here.

To download the supporting presentation 20140530_TMS2014_Pitch_vFf.pdf

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