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Cap Digital Meetup : What Tourism in 5 years?

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On October 23, the French IT Cluster CapDigital organized the first Digital Tourism Meetup and on that same day Paris City Council launched the Welcome City Lab, an initiative to incubate tourism startups.

We presented a new offering for Tourism Promotion Agencies, to analyse tourism flows using name recognition and the ‘big data’. Read our detailed example on recognizing Irish, Russian and Swedish digital Diasporas on Twitter.

Irish Twitter GEOnomastics
Irish Twitter GEOnomastics

France is among the top destinations for Tourism, yet challenged by other destinations. Can innovation reverse the current trend?

AtoutFrance would know. Unfortunately, nobody from AtoutFrance -the French Tourism Promotion Agency- nor from the CNT -the governmental advisory body for Tourism- attended this event.

You will find our presentation here : 20131023_NamSor_eTourism_vFf.pdf

France Dubai Tourism
France Dubai Tourism 1/2
France Dubai Tourism
France Dubai Tourism 2/2

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