Leveraging a large Diaspora for Economic growth

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Any country with a strong outflows of bright young people faces the following dilemma: is it a threat or an opportunity?

On one hand, young graduates seek abroad the experience they think they couldn’t have at home. This is an opportunity loss for the country that raised them, trained them and hoped for a future return on that investment. It can unbalance the country demographics.

On the other hand, having a large Diaspora offers many benefits: money flows to families at home, cultural and scientific transfers (including bringing home a more entrepreneurial culture), inbound Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs), access to a large global network of well-connected people…

Lithuania economic growth: role of Diaspora / brain circulation

We had the opportunity to participate to the last panel at the World Lithuanian Economic Forum 2013 (WLEF / PLEF) and to discuss the following topic ‘Country economic growth: role of Diaspora / brain circulation’. We used onomastics to share several insights into the Lithuanian Diaspora with the other panellists and the participants: how Global Lithuanian Leaders can be leveraged in the fields of Innovation, Business and Communication (Softpower).

You will find our presentation below for download (in PDF):

20130603 Presentation To WLEF vF.pdf

We are very grateful to Global Lithuanian Leaders (GLL) for inviting us at ForumOne and WLEF.

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