Making sense of three Kanji : Chinese names and Japanese names

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Three Kanji Names : Chinese or Japanese
3-Kanji Names : Chinese or

A hint at some work in progress : enjoying the beauty of Kanji and trying to make sense of every bit of information to recognize Chinese names and Japanese names.

Wikipedia tells us that « Japanese names have distinct differences from Chinese names through the selection of characters in a name and pronunciation. A Japanese person can distinguish a Japanese name from a Chinese name by looking at it. Akie Tomozawa, […] said that this was equivalent to how “Europeans can easily tell that the name ‘Smith’ is English and ‘Schmidt’ is German or ‘Victor’ is English or French and ‘Vittorio’ is Italian”. »

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  1. About the name 朴栄子, a kind friend tells me : “It does make sense though I do not feel 朴 is popular kanji to be used among Japanese”

    “栄子 is Japanese but I do not often see 朴 used in surname or first name. So the combination of the word looks unusual”.

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