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As a follow-up to the previous post, where we used onomastics to outline Poland as a country very sensitive to external brain drain, we thought useful to show the opposite example of South Korea : a country with a clear innovation strategy and a narrow the gap between Innovation input (education, financing, etc.) and Innovation output (patents, knowledge, etc.)

South Korea was ranked second in the other Global Innovation Index, Blumberg’s 50 Most Innovative Countries. Besides the tremendous energy displayed in the Gangnam Style (강남스타일), we believe one reason for South Korea’s success is that it is less sensitive to “brain drain”. South Korean brain juice goes to South Korea first.

South Korea brain juice top recipients

Reversely some other countries, such as Poland, are bleeding human resources : Polish people (people with polish names) apply for patents in the US, in Germany – before anywhere else.

Polish brain juice top recipients (1993-2013)

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