Japanese and Russian Business Comunities in EU plus Switzerland (vFSmall)

Indian, Chinese, Russian and Japanese directors in European Big Business – an onomastics view [2/2]

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Today, with this map of Japanese and Russian business communities in Europe, we complete an earlier post about Indian and Chinese presence in European economic affairs (*).

Japanese and Russian Business Comunities in EU plus Switzerland (vF)

The map would look different if we filtered information according to certain sectors (industry, trade, energy,…) but as it is, what does the picture tell us?

Besides showing the obvious and the well-known (a strong Russian business community in Russia’s traditional zone of influence, for example in the Baltic’s Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia ; a predominance of Russian businessmen in Cyprus international “offshore” financial holdings), it reveals several less expected features.

Firstly, one would expect Germany to be a stronghold of Russian business in Europe, due to the high level of trade between Russia and Germany. It may be so, but while there are many company directors with Russian names, there are even more Chinese, Indian and Japanese businessmen  in Germany.

Secondly, there is a clear Japanese preference in favour of Belgium and the Netherlands for Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and as an entry door for trade with Europe.

Thirdly, while Indian and Chinese directors share a similar profile to select European target countries for FDIs and trading, Russian and Japanese businessmen demonstrate more polarization: they generally make different choices.

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(* We show the density of Japanese and Russian company directors expressed relatively to the total density of Japanese, Russian, Indian and Chinese presence, measured using the onomastics of about half a million company directors of the largest companies of all sectors, in the European Union plus Switzerland. Accuracy of name classification software is typically in the range 75%-95%)


  1. If I may add a comment : the very strong involvement of Russie business community in Cyprus is quite relevant in both political and economical ways. Economically speaking, Russia bought cyprus debt last year, while the country was in a situation quite similar to Greece. In addition, strong economical links between Russia and Cyprus can be found in tourism (russians love resting in Cyprus !). Politically speaking, Cyprus could be the next “russian carrier in Mediterranean sea” if Bachar Alassad falls. What Russia planned in Tartous (syrian military base lended ot Russia on the route between Black Sea and Suez) could be moved in Cyprus. It would securize Russian merchant ship routes linking the Volga-dnepr industrial area to Asian markets through Suez.
    This map finally gives a new fact for understanding Russian strategy and capacities in Europe. Well done !

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