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NamSor’s Proprietary Algorithms Accurately Reveal Customer Insights From Names

PRESS RELEASE – January 2018

Since its inception, a New-York-based skincare start-up is achieving triple digit growth using data-driven decision making.

After reading about NamSor’s in order to gain a deeper insight into his customer base, the CEO decided to experiment with NamSor’s gender and origin / ethnicity segmentation on its customer list, and discovered an unexpected and data-supported view of its actual demographics.

Extracting Accurate Demographics Using Only Names :

Using the proprietary NamSor AI / machine learning algorithms, analysis of the company’s sales using only first and last names uncovered critical data-points:

 Analysis of online comments :

The company set-up a dashboard to analyse the comments of online shoppers, listen to the social media on citations of the brand name, with segments provided by NamSor

The dashboard brought interesting insights on the consumer sentiment towards the brand, as well as their specific concerns.

The project combined the use of NamSor API, as well as the more advanced capabilities of NamSor ML – our new deep learning tool :

About NamSor

NamSor™ Applied Onomastics is a European vendor of sociolinguistics software (NamSor sorts names). NamSor mission is to help understand international flows of money, ideas and people. Reach us at:

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