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Making the World More Inclusive in 2017

This week, NamSor API reached a symbolic landmark. We’ve processed over 1bn names, since the API was launched.

It’s a good opportunity to reflect on the good things we’ve done in the past year, re-affirm or core values and share our plans for 2017.

In 2016, among other projects, we’ve supported

Sadly, as we start 2017, I cannot say the World is not a ‘better place’ when it comes to inclusiveness.

So I would like to re-affirm our core values. The World is diverse and however you try to break-it down in neat little boxes, when it comes to People, there will always be a different way to look at countries, regions, cities, populations, social groups, individuals :

Human societies are fractal in their diversity – an onomastics proof

In 2017, we’ll be involved in several new exciting projects. Many of those, we don’t know yet. For what I know, we will

Let’s use 2017 to make the world more inclusive.

Launching soon (April 2017) :

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