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Kenya #DiasporaConference2015 to discuss Diaspora in business and investment

Today, Diaspora in Business and Investment will be at the very center of Kenyan #DiasporaConference2015 – gathering ~600 participants in Nairobi Windsor Golf Club, Kenya.

So what’s the potential? Let’s look at innovation for example. We used NamSor technology, to recognize in AngelList or CrunchBase -the two reference databases on the global startup ecosystem- the full potential of Kenyan Diaspora to boost the startup ecosystem in Kenya. Please RT if you like our infographics

This potential is not just in the #digital world, its in specific sectors too such as the Health sector. In one US state alone, there are about 25k registered health professionals of the Kenyan Diaspora : Nurses, Medical Doctors, Pharmacists – but also experts in various fields. Read our full presentation on the potential of HomeComing for Africa, Kenya specifics start slide 6:

One major question is how to redirect some of the 1.43bn remitted by the Kenyan Diaspora in 2014 to job-creating Foreign Direct Investments, Innovation incubators and start-ups.

We think we can help 🙂 we’ve done it, it works! We wish the best success to this conference today. On twitter follow ‏@CapitalFM_kenya for a live stream.

Further information:

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